Companies – Rebranded

Here’s a list of a few of the companies that underwent
Re-Branding Efforts with the last two years.
Have you noticed?

  • 10gen > MongoDB
  • McAfee > Intel Security
  • Elance-oDesk >Upwork
  • DeSoto >FlywheelTaxi
  • Clear Channel > iHeartRadio
  • >Twitch
  • Isis >Softcard
  • RapExegesis >Rap Genius >Genius
  • Research in Motion (RIM) > BlackBerry
  • McAfee – will transition to Intel Security

Is your Market Share Elevated or Deflated?

 Is your Market Share Elevated or Deflated?

Today’s economy is built on “speed”.  How “fast” you are to the market. We work and collaborate in a time of disruption and change. Yet, we seem to never navigate away from our “strategy”, even when our market share can be gained or lost by the “next big” thing. While it may not be the best “idea”, market share can be torpedoed by a company that can launch their product faster than you. They can deliver on relevant content and tangible value faster than their competition.  And in this age of “shared information” paired with “relevant content and perceived value”, the companies that respond quickly can elevate their shareholder value. Companies that can’t respond, their shareholder value can quickly become deflated. Where are you on the speed continuum? Elevated or deflated?

Is your Market Share Elevated or Deflated