Cheers to 2021

I’ve been thinking of some cleaver way to basically say “out the old and in with the new” but in many ways some of the “old” will be with us in 2021. We’ll need to continue to push forward in 2021. As my way to inspire Hope in 2021, I want to RE: RE:Assess + RE:Align + RE:Focus.


Understanding our World

” like many people, i want to understand our world better. Seeing it from a different angle really helps, and no perspective is more radically different than the one you get when you leave the planet altogether and look back – whether literally, as I did. or through photographs. Those spectacular, two-thousand-mile views make you a lot more aware of the big picture.”

Chris Hadfield – You are here Around the world in 92 minutes.

the mark of true leadership….


I came across this article the other day, by Chris Westfall (Leadership Language/Wiley Press) Chris’s recent article in Forbes is spot on….Empathy, Dignity and Clarity.

The Mark Of True Leadership: 3 Things We Need Right Now

What causes some leaders to rise to an occasion, while others struggle to find the words and actions that can create real results? Author Ryan Holiday points out where leadership gets toxic, as well as the kind of leadership we need right now.