WiFi Troubleshooting


Just some jots/notes regarding WiFi Troubleshoot and questions to ask….

Is the client WiFi device turned on?

Is the client out of range? How high is the AP? Recommend no higher than 15 ft

Is the AP turned on and is responding to the pings or is listed in the list of registered AP’s?

Is the AP SSID broadcast or hidden? Do you know the passphrase/password?

How many client are already registered to the AP? Many recommend not to exceed 20 – 30.

Is the AP antenna Direction or Omnidirectional?

Is there a DB gain on the AP?

Force the AP to broadcast only one protocol i.e. a, g, d, n etc.

Force the AP to broadcast only one channel

Are there EMI (Electro Magnetic Induction) that may be causing interference?

Distance between AP.   Are the AP’s managed which may provide a better handoff between AP’s


Ensure the DHCP server is operational and reachable from the access point’s LAN, and that the IP address pool has not been exhausted.