There is Nothing New, In Sales

Every Year starts out the same. For example:
A Top 10 list of Best Sales Videos from the previous year….
A List of the best strategies for generating sales leads…Top Sales and Marketing Trends for the upcoming year.  Many of these list suggest removing the “old” and replace with the “new”.

I have scanned them all. Yet, sometimes wouldn’t it be great if there wasn’t a list. Wouldn’t it be great if there wasn’t a change that necessitated a list? Would you read something that headlined there is Nothing New?

I found something that hasn’t changed…a video from 2013 that openly mentions there is Nothing New, especially when it relates to sales!!!!   Shocking!!!

A video that encourage setting your foundation for success. Once the foundation is set, it fundamentally doesn’t change. A strong foundation supports the growth for success.

It amazing how Nothing New in Sales is relevant in 2015.


I am searching

search logo

Yes, I am always searching…searching for new ways to engage with customers…searching for new opportunities to create a unique customer experience. I am also searching to understand many of the finer intricacies of Digital Media Strategy.

So I “googled” SEO via You Tube and was enlighten by  the many videos of Eli.  Within, his video search engine optimization Eli details the “how” to successfully implement SEO on web pages.  Nice, Simple, and easy to understand video with an unexpected demo at the end of the video.

That’s what I call a great customer experience.