There is Nothing New, In Sales

Every Year starts out the same. For example:
A Top 10 list of Best Sales Videos from the previous year….
A List of the best strategies for generating sales leads…Top Sales and Marketing Trends for the upcoming year.  Many of these list suggest removing the “old” and replace with the “new”.

I have scanned them all. Yet, sometimes wouldn’t it be great if there wasn’t a list. Wouldn’t it be great if there wasn’t a change that necessitated a list? Would you read something that headlined there is Nothing New?

I found something that hasn’t changed…a video from 2013 that openly mentions there is Nothing New, especially when it relates to sales!!!!   Shocking!!!

A video that encourage setting your foundation for success. Once the foundation is set, it fundamentally doesn’t change. A strong foundation supports the growth for success.

It amazing how Nothing New in Sales is relevant in 2015.