Two Types of Cookies

Do you know your cookies?  (not the kind that Girl Scouts sell!)

Can you name the two types?

 I am referencing Browser Cookies: Session and Persistent cookies.

Session cookies are typically removed when you close the browser. Session cookies are utilized for tracking of user login information, temporary pages settings, shopping carts and the like.

 Persistent cookies are also called tracking cookies. They are often used by advertisers to track what ads you have already viewed. It is also used for some web pages to remember information about you, such as automatic login and auto-filling forms with commonly used details (such as your login name). Persistent cookies are removed when max age or expiration (time to life/ expiry time) date have been reached. These dates are set by the originator of the web pages.  Many tracking cookies will remain for up to a year or longer.

Trim a video: PowerPoint 2016: Audio and Video In Depth

Trim Videos in PowerPoint
Trim Videos in PowerPoint


Rather than struggle with PPT help, use if as a handy reference, as a result you will quickly gain insights into how to trim a video and quickly embed your video source into PPT. PowerPoint is a amazing tool and has many applications beyond the board room.  Using PPT to tell your story can is inexpensive way blend and add numerous media sources. Video is one of the most compelling ways to tell a story.
Try it  today!

                               Source: Trim a video: PowerPoint 2016: Audio and Video In  Depth

Where is the dude?

I know you can’t wait – secretly you want to know where he is – secretly you want to find your present under the tree.  Best yet – you want to have an answer to the question – when will Santa be here…. Here a few sites to help with that…..

It's that time

Window Wonderland

Experience with amazing world of Virtual Reality and 360 photography.  Notice the “cool” factor is delivered via http. Imagine the power of VR apps and Google/Samsung VR devices/headsets.  Now that is way cool. Take a walk through New York City’s dazzling assortment of retail window displays and immerse yourself in the magic of the holidays.

Cheers to the holidays!  Kevin

Source: Window Wonderland